Beach Wrack Network

Welcome to the Beach Wrack Network

This forum is dedicated to the sustainable management (collection and reuse) of beach wrack in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) whilst protecting beaches as living, natural landscapes. It is a stakeholder exchange platform for knowledge, ideas and collaboration.

Focus & Role of the Network

  • The promotion & communication of sustainable beach wrack management policies and operations in the BSR 
  • To act as a support facility for policy makers, environmental/conservation groups, public authorities, marine resource management/recycling companies on topics related to beach wrack
  • The promotion and positioning of already managed beach wrack within the bio-economy
  • To open doors on public / private cooperation for the sustainable reuse of collected beach wrack
  • To engage stakeholders in local decision making processes and to raise public/next generation awareness
  • To act as a focus and catalyst for innovation, research and training on beach wrack related topics
  • To provide scientific advice on general and specific matters relating to beach wrack and its management
  • To raise awareness across different scientific communities, EU and further afield, to improve integration of research activities.


The network is a multi-discipline and transnational forum. Members include local authority representatives, beach managers, landowners, coastal engineers, landscape historians, national political decision-makers, nature conservationists, students & scientists, industry representatives, resource managers, private enterprises, and representatives of the tourism industry, amongst others. Our tasks are mostly based on a variety of personal interests so as to ignite a broad and lively discussion - thus creating a unique and dedicated beach wrack forum.

Join the Network

Joining the Beach Wrack Network is free and without commitment. Members receive an e-mail every year about the Network’s activities, and from time to time information about beach wrack relevant news. 

The Network, has been developed and implemented during the EU Interreg project ‚CONTRA‘ (2019-2021) It lives on after the funding period, addressing the identified need for further
collaboration and exchange on the topic of sustainable beach wrack management.

If you would like to be part of the network or just need some more information, please send us an email.
Contact: Jane Hofmann,

Your contact details (name and email address) may be shared with other network members but only for purposes relating to network activities. You have the right to cancel at any time whereby your personal data will be deleted.