This organization is dedicated to all who are interested in our coasts, whether personally or professionally. As a result, we have created special offerings for the following individuals:

  • for coastal professionals
  • for students and alumni in ICZM-related disciplines
  • for interested coastal residents and tourists

The EUCC-D carries out the following tasks in order to serve the coastal community:

  • Includes your information and events in the Küsten Newsletter.
  • Publishes your works and other scientific articles in the journal Coastline Reports.
  • Makes available the internet authoring tool ICZM-D Learning for the creation of learning modules and      documentation on studies, research, and educational activities
  • Prepares databases of projects, events, and coastal photographs which you can upload to, download from, or      connect to your own projects.
  • Organizes events including conferences and workshops.
  • Networks with specialist consultants for your events
  • Initiates communal projects and distributes updates and final results
  • Holds seminars on marine and coastal topics.

Networks your organization across the internet.

Coastal Professionals

The availability and access to current information is of central importance for the sustainable development and management of our coasts and seas. The Coastal Union Germany has the goal to promote the transfer of information between and inside the various coastal and marine actors. On the following pages you can find information on how EUCC-D accomplishes this goal.

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Students and Alumni in ICZM-related Disciplines

The EUCC-Germany develops E-Learning modules which are available on the internet free of cost. These modules deliver the basic essentials of integrated coastal and marine management, and prevent information on current focal points, coastal regions, and practice scenarios. The modules are available to professionals, interested citizens, schoolchildren, and students.

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Interested coastal residents and tourists

For interested residents of and guests on the coast, our organization offers a variety of informative texts, as well as publishing an interactive photo database with pictures of the seas and coasts.

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